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Should Links Be Opened in New Tabs?

I linked to a previous article on this subject in December. This new article seems to lean towards keeping the user/visitor on the same page when clicking a link. As I stated in my previous post I am against links opening in the same page, obliging visitors to use the browsers back button, something which I had been told was a sin in web design lectures!

I do agree however with Tom in the sense that there are many different types of links and that from a user experience perspective we need to rethink how they are handled. keeping a user on a specific page may result in an e-commerce transaction being completed where as opening in another tab may result in a lost sale. Should internal links open on the same page and external ones in a new tab? Should internal and external links be treated the same?

I am very tempted to carry out a user experience study on this, I think the results could be very interesting, If I do I will post all the details on here.

Read Tom’s article here. Via:

Why External Links Should Open in New Tabs

One of my absolute pet-hates in Web Design, (IE6 is #1). Of course external links should open in a separate tab. Visitors to any website should not need to use their browser back button to get back to the original page they were on.

I am a big fan of target=”_blank”

Here is a very well written article from UX Movement, with very valid reasons why external links require separate tabs.

Read the full article here.