4 Points of Wisdom from Steve Krug’s ‘Rocket Surgery Made Easy’

A must have in any UX persons personal library. This and Steve’s previous book “Don’t make me think” form the basis for any type of website usability testing. The books are very easy to read, Steve knows exactly how to get his message across and one finds one’s self constantly referring back to these books when in the process of planning a new user testing session.

I came across this very well written synopsis of “Rocket surgery made easy” and decided to share it will you.

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Simple and Usable: Web, mobile and interaction design – Giles Colborne

This book is ideal for people who already have some experience in design and need help to simplify designing interactions for web and mobile platforms. There are four core strategies for reducing complexity but it also contains lots of other tips which the reader will find themselves bookmarking for future reference.

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